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PA Artist: Giovanna

Member of:
Ellen Million Graphics & Portrait Adoption
since September, 2005



I have been fascinated by the world of fantasy since I was a little girl. Growing up I was influenced by reading books such as; The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia and any movies such as The Dark Crystal or TV shows that had a heavy fantasy concept. These days my inspirations are derived from books by Charles De Lint, the music of Loreena Mckennitt and Emilee Autumn and other artists such as Brian Froud, Michael Whelan, David Delamare and from time to time the 'Muse' that creeps up in my dreams.

I love creating fantasy worlds and characters and/or bringing other peoples characters and worlds to life through my art. In the early 90's, I attended art school for a degree in Visual Communications (advertising, graphic design and illustration). My media of choice is watercolor and/or digital art using a wacom tablet and Photoshop 7.

My other loves include singing (I have been a trained classical singer for over 15 years), vampires (I admit to being fascinated by the romantic story lines of vampires being immortal and suffering the age old “I can never truly be with the one I love” scenarios), and last but not least my Husband, 3 year old daughter and 4 month old son.

Thank you for stopping by my artist page and enjoy your visit to EMG!

This artist is accepting commissions.

Please email me for commission information.

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Artist:Giovanna Adams
Media:digital media
Standard Adoption Package: $33
Print size:8.5 x 11 in
Web Adoption Package: $26
Artist:Giovanna Adams
Media:digital media
Standard Adoption Package: $53
Print size:8.5 x 11 in
Web Adoption Package: $46
Gallery of Adopted Work by Giovanna Adams

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