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since July, 2007



This artist is actually not what you are looking for. Genevieve is a great collector of tragedies + lover of squiddies and octopi alike; but you probably aren't looking to have your bedroom decorated in yellowed clippings of Chernobyl and Halifax, or to have your favorite hoodie altered to look like you have a cutie-pie octopus on your head.

Her artwork, however, might interest you. She mainly works in India inks and concentrated watercolors, graphite and blending sticks, deadly expensive Sakura pens and watercolor pencils. Her primary interest of photojournalism has bled a love of strange angles and composition into her artwork. (Bless the images in her head for staying so much stiller than her photographic subjects!) She especially is entertained by artistic illusion. Nothing should be what it seems.

But should you decide you are more interested in the artist than her art (fou!), come come and you can join her in sitting on her front porch, stomping your feet and throwing back whiskey sours and howling at the moon.

One warning. She speaks French, sometimes exclusively. Il est bizarre!

This artist is accepting commissions.

Please email me your commission requests. (Svp envoyez-moi vos demandes de commission par courriel.)

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customization options available!
Artist:Genevieve Henderson
Media:colored pencil
Standard Adoption Package: $33
Print size:8.5 x 11 in
Web Adoption Package: $26
customization options available!
Artist:Genevieve Henderson
Media:mixed media
Standard Adoption Package: $43
Print size:8.5 x 11 in
Web Adoption Package: $36

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