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If you've browsed our selection and can't find a match for your character, you have the option of submitting your character description to be drawn by our artists. We seek to continue our "no hassle" commission experience by giving customers the flexibility of choosing to purchase or reject any created work, as well as being able to set their own affordable maximum price! When you submit a character description, you aren't contacting just one artist, but all Portrait Adoption artists. You do not have to pay a cent until the finished work is displayed and you choose to buy it. Should your character be drawn by multiple artists, you will have the option of choosing your favorite to purchase, purchasing some or all portraits, or not purchasing any of the portraits presented to you.

Your submitted description will be posted for the Portrait Adoption artists. Any or all of the artists can choose to complete a piece based on it. You will be notified when finished work is posted for you to review. You have one month from the time that your submitted description expires to decide whether or not to purchase it. If you do not purchase the piece in that period, the artist is free to do what they like with it, including making it available for general adoption, selling prints or licensing the piece commercially.

Please note that submitting a description is not a guarantee that any of the artists will draw your character. Artist participation depends on their availability, how "drawable" your character description is, and how tempting your price is. Your description will be posted for up to eight weeks (less if you set a shorter deadline), and if there is no interest shown in that time, it will be taken down and you will be notified so that you can pursue other options.

Please use correct spelling and grammar and proofread your description. Fields marked with a * are required. Please note that if you neglect to fill out the form, or your email is not in name@something format, you will receive an error, and the information you submit may be lost. If you have a long and complex character description to post, it is recommended that you compose it in Notepad or another document program and copy-paste your information into the form.

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